National Trust accused of photo rights grab

April 23, 2008

The National Trust has been slated for exploiting photographers in a nationwide competition.

Organised by the National Trust?s Welsh office, the competition rules state: ?By submitting your photograph? you agree to grant the National Trust, free of charge, the right to publish and the right to license others to publish the photograph online and in all media as required.’

Photographer David Dunnico, who had planned to enter, hit out at the rules, telling us: ?Another photo competition, another rights grab by a publicly-funded body. This time the National Trust of Wales don?t just want to be able to use your photograph ? they also want to be able to license it to anybody they want to for free.?

The Manchester-based photographer added: ?I?m sure it?s another case of an organisation not thinking things through, or perhaps it?s not thinking the photographer is worthy of his hire.?

The contest, which is themed on the Welsh Countryside, is open to all UK residents.

The National Trust?s publicity office had yet to respond to our request for comment at the time of writing.


Picture: Photographer David Dunnico had planned to enter with this picture, shot on a Ricoh GR1s using Ilford XP2 film

David Dunnico

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