Met police to discuss tourist photo outrage

April 17, 2009

The body responsible for ensuring effective policing in London has pledged to talk to the head of the Metropolitan Police about the tourists who were forced to delete their photos.

The Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) is to hold a private meeting with Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, in which the matter will be discussed as part of talks on policing of the recent G20 protests.

Amateur Photographer (AP) has learned that the meeting is set to take place on 23 April.

Klaus Matzka and his son Loris were left stunned when police demanded they stopped taking pictures of London buses and delete all such images immediately.

‘This is another example of the police completely overreaching the anti-terrorism powers,’ said MPA member Jenny Jones who will raise the incident with the Met chief.

‘They are using it in a totally inappropriate way,’ she added.

The MPA this morning also confirmed to AP that it is due to hold a further, internal, meeting a week later in which the matter will also be discussed.