Meet our subscriber of the month for April

April 8, 2021

We’re really grateful to have so many subscribers to AP, who not only save money, but also don’t have to worry about getting out to the shops during lockdown to find their copy of the world’s best photography magazine.

As you’d expect, many of our subscribers are good photographers in their own right so we’re starting a new regular series of interviews with our ‘Subscriber of the Month.’

This month, we meet Marcha Bauerlein-de Jong, below, who lives in Wales.

How long have you been a subscriber and where are you based? 
I have been an Amateur Photographer subscriber since October 2020 but have been buying individual issues since May 2020 when we 1st moved to Wales from The Netherlands. I am currently located in Bryncrug (Gwynedd), Wales where I started my own photography business offering different types of photoshoots within Wales and England.

What kind of photography are you mainly interested in?
My main interests are wildlife, landscape and family portraiture, pet portraits and equine photography. I am a self-taught professional, learning new techniques on a daily basis with Creative Life video training and I have a landscape and portrait photography workshop booked with Jeremy Walker in Dorset in September this year – unfortunately this was moved three times due to the pandemic but I am hoping our September dates will work out as I am really looking forward to his expertise and the things I can learn from him.

Please tell us about any competition wins, or camera club distinctions etc?
I entered the South Snowdonia Search & Rescue Landscape competition for their 2021 Landscape Calendar where one of my images was chosen for the month of August. I am quite active in Photocrowd as well, where I have had one image come in as Crowd’s 1st Place (with an image from a leopard cub hanging in a tree) and another in third place. Two images have been Judge Commended while another two images have been awarded have been Expert Commanded.

I have received a total of 65 awards within Photocrowd ranging from Top 10% to Top 50%. Full details here.

What camera and lenses do you use, and why?
I have recently changed my whole gear from the Canon 5D Mark IV to the Canon EOS R5 with four different RF lenses. This was one of the best investments I have done for my equipment as I am very happy with the results that the Canon EOS R5 is giving me – especially the sharpness of the images when I am doing pet and equine Photoshoots with the Animal Eye detection mode. My kit currently includes:

Canon EOS R5
Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM – I use this lens when I am on landscape photo shoots
Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM – I use this lens for either landscape or family portrait photo shoots
Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM – I use this lens for pet, equine, wildlife and at times when I am photographing aircrafts in the Mach Loop, Wales.
Canon RF 85mm F1.2L USM – I use this for family portrait photo shoots only.

Each lens offers me what I am looking for in the different photo shoots I do. I sometimes do switch lenses during a photo shoot but tend to do this as little as possible as to not waste time. Maybe in the future I will buy a second body and will not have to change lenses at any time.

How have you been able to take photos during the pandemic? Have you tried any new genres, for instance?
I have been very lucky to be in lockdown in Wales – yes the restrictions were very strict here but there were enough areas I could access to take landscape photography and even do the odd family portrait shoot with the social distancing rules in mind. I have picked up equine photography over the pandemic which is something which is up and coming here in Wales.

As I offer outdoor and on location photo shoots the rider can choose their favourite location where I will then take pictures which offer some stunning results. This is something I never really considered until I moved to Wales but absolutely love this niche market and have been studying different aspects of equine photography to make sure I can offer the client what they are looking for.

Anything else you want to tell us about your photography?
I have travelled and lived in different parts of the world where I was introduced to different cultures and customs which are a big part of me when I am doing photography now. I see the uniqueness in each subject, whether I am travelling or doing a photo shoot at home, and use this in creating the images for my clients.

I have been photographing for over 20 years but really got into all the specific details and possibilities of what photography has to offer about 10 years ago when I bought my first DSLR.

Photography offers me a feeling of peace of mind in the strange world where we now find ourselves and it has helped me get through some tough times.

The reason I opened my own business – At a Glance Photography – is to offer my clients the opportunity to capture a special moment that will last a lifetime with loved ones. I love seeing their reaction when I send them the finished product and know that this is what I was meant to do.

See Marcha’s website and her Facebook page for more.

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