Loupedeck, a purpose-built console for controlling Adobe’s Lightroom photo editing suite, is soon to be available on UK shores.

Designed and built by a team of ex-Nokia developers, Loupedeck is a custom-built hardware console that provides complete control of Lightroom. A little bit like a DJ’s mixing desk, the idea is to use the console’s scrolling wheels, dials and buttons to enable users to edit photos and images faster and without the distraction of a keyboard or mouse.

It’s designed to work with both Mac and Windows-based computers and, since the layout of the deck corresponds directly to Lightroom’s interface, it should prove pretty useful for beginners and pros alike.

The idea was first conceived by Finnish entrepreneur and keen photographer Mikko Kesti, who presented his idea to former senior Nokia developers. In November last year, they launched an Indiegogo campaign for funding and support – in the first day alone, Loupedeck generated half of its fixed goal of €75,000 and by the close of the campaign, had raised a whopping €366,000.

Mikko Kesti

Kesti, now CEO of Loupedeck, writes: “Loupedeck is a peripheral created by photographers, for photographers so there was never any doubt that what we’d conceived wouldn’t be relevant or game changing for our target audience.”

“But to see the amount of backing and support we received through the initial Indiegogo campaign was exhilarating and encouraging after years of honing the prototype, countless long meetings and the usual challenges that start-ups today experience. We’re looking forward to hearing more feedback as our product becomes available across the globe and users get to touch and feel the console for themselves.”

Loupedeck is available to buy now from their online store for £325, due to be shipped to UK customers form 17th July. Availability in retail stores across the country is expected to follow in due course.