Lib Dems issue photographers’ rights pledge (update)

April 20, 2010

The Liberal Democrats have called for an ‘urgent’ review of counter-terrorism stop and search legislation, saying it must not be used to target photographers and tourists.

The party told Amateur Photographer (AP) that while it backs the use of police stop and search as an anti-terrorism measure, Section 44 must be reviewed.

‘This law is in urgent need of a very big clarification,’ a Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman said.

He told us that innocent members of the public, including photographers, have ‘fallen foul of this government’s attitude towards counter-terrorism legislation’.

‘We think that Section 44 has been overused and used for purposes for which it was not intended.’

Reacting to figures that show a 66% rise in stop and search Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Chris Huhne added: ‘When trainspotters, photographers and Japanese tourists are all up in arms, it should be clear even to Labour this law needs to be tightened up.

‘Random and indiscriminate use of stop and search is an infringement of liberty and alienates the communities we rely on most for the intelligence and witnesses to fight terrorism.’

The Tories have also promised to end abuse of anti-terror laws.



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