Leica X1: The ‘first compact approved by Getty’

August 6, 2010

Leice X1The Leica X1 is the only digital compact camera approved for use by Getty Images, it has emerged.

The image library giant added the X1 to its ?Approved Camera list? last month, meaning that it meets image quality standards governing pictures sent in by Getty photographers, Amateur Photographer (AP) understands.

News of the achievement first appeared in a review of the 12-million-pixel camera by City AM journalist Juiliet Samuel.

?The image quality is top notch, which has gained the X1 the honour of being the only compact digital model approved for use by Getty Images,? she wrote in an article published on 22 July.

A Leica Camera Limited spokeswoman said today: ?The X1 is the first compact digital camera to be approved by Getty Images. It is on their website on the Approved Camera list.?

However, Getty Images remains tight-lipped over the news.

It has so far declined to comment on the report, despite repeated requests lodged by AP over the past few weeks.

The X1 is an APS-C format compact with a fixed 24mm f/2.8 lens that gives a field of view equivalent to 36mm.

In normal shooting conditions, the minimum focusing distance is 60cm, but this drops to 30cm in macro model.

Leica bills the X1 as an ideal back-up camera for professional photographers.

Users include film director Michael Winner.

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