It is unclear whether famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has lost copyright to her images or whether she has managed to repay around £14.5m she reportedly owes lenders.

It is understood that Leibovitz was given a deadline of Tuesday to repay the money to New York-based firm, Art Capital, which had sued the photographer for breach of contract.

Leibovitz is represented in the UK by Neil Burgess, founder of London-based nbpictures.

Burgess last night declined to comment when asked by Amateur Photographer whether the photographer had managed to pay off the loan.

In July Leibovitz denied she had breached the $24m loan agreement, which used the rights to her photographic archive and the value of her properties as collateral.

Leibovitz has photographed some of the most famous people in the world, including The Queen.

Among her famous work is an image of John Lennon captured shortly before he was assassinated.


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