Latest Magnum Print sale ends Sunday – get some truly iconic images

March 25, 2021

It might be too early to start tucking into the Easter eggs but you can spoil yourself by snapping up one of the outstanding images in the latest Magnum print sale – don’t expect any huge bargains, though, as it still costs £100 for an image on 6×6in (15.24 × 15.24cm) archival paper.

The latest collection of prints for sale, called The Unexpected, “explores the happy accidents and unusual turns of events that lead to memorable images,” according to Magnum. Some really famous pictures are featured, including Stuart Franklin’s image of an unarmed man stepping in front of a tank during the 1989 Chinese government crackdown on student protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

Other iconic images – the term is banded around too much, but these really are – include Paul Fusco’s series of images taken from the moving train that bore Bobby Kennedy’s body across the United States; Raymond Depardon’s photograph of a youth sat astride the Berlin Wall on November 11, 1989, embodying the end of the cold war; and one of our personal favourites, Susan Meiselas’ capture of a Sandinasta about to chuck a molotov cocktail during the 1979 revolution in Nicaragua.

Then there is Martin Parr’s touching image, which shows the human side of North Korean soldiers by capturing a paternal moment as one carries a small child – a far cry from the usual depiction of them as stony-faced automatons.

Eve Arnold’s portrait of Marilyn Monroe, meanwhile, depicts a side of the superstar that is alien to most: pensive and withdrawn as she studies a copy of James Joyce’s classic modernist novel, Ulysses.

Thomas Hoepker’s image of Muhammad Ali features in The Unexpected as the picture was only rediscovered in 2015, when the photographer delved into a vast collection of negatives.

The collection of 90+ prints is available until Sunday, March 28, 11:59 PM EST. Click here for full details.

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