Kidnapped photographer focus of Syria terror probe

October 10, 2012

Photographer John Cantlie was held for a week in Syria with Dutch journalist Jeroen Oerlemans – an ordeal Cantlie described in a blog on his release as a ‘week-long holiday with Islamic extremists’.

Cantlie said he was shot in the arm and was badly cut as the pair tried to escape over granite boulders and shrubs, and that they received repeated death threats during the July kidnap.

‘It was a week you would describe as less than ideal,’ he wrote.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed to Amateur Photographer that the kidnap of the journalists is ‘one line of enquiry’ officers are pursuing following the arrest of a man and a woman, both Britons aged 26.

They were arrested at Heathrow Airport at around 8.30pm yesterday after arriving on a flight from Egypt.

Police say they are searching addresses in East London as part of a Terrorism Act 2000 probe into people travelling to Syria ‘in support of alleged terrorist activity’, according to the Met in an earlier statement.

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