Kickstarter drone promises perfectly level flight and mobile control

May 5, 2015

CyPhy Works

CyPhy Works

On the campaign page, CyPhy Works claims that its new ‘level up technology, which allows the drone to fly with just four motors, will completely eliminate mid-flight tilting and allow the drone to capture stable video and sharper images.


CyPhy Works

However, if you’re the sort who likes their drones to perform mid-air acrobatics, this functionality can be disabled for free flying.


CyPhy Works

The drone will be equipped with an 8-million-pixel camera and able to shoot 1080p HD video.

Its ‘Swipe-toFly’ functionality allows it to be controlled with swiping gestures on the screen of a smartphone.


CyPhy Works

There’s also the new ‘geo-fence’ technology, which allows users to specify a area in which the drone will stay, with a minimum and maximum height. This should minimise the chances of the drone become lost or irretrievable.


CyPhy Works

Mid-flight real-time sharing to social media is also possible, and the drone carries a maximum flight time of 20 minutes. It will weigh a total of 800g, including its rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Backers who want to get their hands on a CyPhy LVL 1 Drone will have to pledge at least $395, the minimum reward tier for receiving one. This package also includes a charging cable and battery.

The highest package on offer runs to $4,500, which will get backers ten of the LVL1 drones.

CyPhy Works was originally founded by Helen Greiner, a co-founder of the company iRobot, which was responsible for the popular Roomba series of autonomous vacuum cleaners.

The campaign is running for another 44 days.