A security crackdown at Pescara airport in Italy – where police reportedly confiscated digital cameras from British tourists? hand baggage – is over, according to airport managers.

Police at the airport were understood to be targeting passengers carrying electronic devices – including cameras – in their hand luggage on Ryanair flights to London (See AP 17 June).

It is thought the crackdown may have resulted from the airport?s interpretation of guidelines laid down by the Italian Aviation Authority, relating to tighter security on flights to London, but this has not been confirmed.

However, following enquires from AP, Pescara airport staff told Ryanair: ?The problem is sorted out. There is no problem whatsoever in transporting photographic equipment in the cabin.?

A Ryanair spokeswoman confirmed that there had been a ?procedure? in place ? and that this was applied at the airport ?in a restrictive way? – but she told us this was only in operation ?for a limited amount of time?. She was not able to elaborate on this or confirm whether the restrictions were part of security measures.

Among those who fell victim to the crackdown was Ryanair passenger Alan Berry who recently told The Daily Telegraph that he had his digital camera taken even though his hand luggage had been passed through Pescara airport?s X-ray security scanner. Travellers were apparently being urged to store electronic objects in their checked-in luggage.

Pescara is located in Italy?s Abruzzo region, located on the Adriatic coast in central Italy.

The UK Foreign Office had not received any reports of problems at the airport when we contacted them. Neither, it seemed, had the Italian Embassy in London at the time of writing.

? AP urges any photographers who run into problems at airport security while transporting their kit to and from their holiday destinations to get in touch with us. We will do our best to advise other readers accordingly. Please contact Chris Cheesman on AP?s newsdesk on 020 7261 5099.