Ferrania says it plans to introduce an improved version of the Imation-made emulsion onto the market in the first quarter of 2014, following ‘unexpected feedback’ from photographers.

Bosses point out that the new film ‘will not have anything in common with the old 3M slide film from the ‘70s’.

The company says it also plans to produce a colour negative film based on Ferrania Solaris FG-100 Plus.

Last week, Fuji axed four more of its films, blaming a drop in demand.

In its heyday, Ferrania also made re-badged film for other brands.

Ferrania claims that it has the equipment to make film in formats including 120, 135, 220 and 126.

It plans to make only the formats most requested by photographers and is now in the throes of a six-month R&D project.

Ferrania discontinued its films in the face of the digital revolution several years ago.

‘Obviously, we dream to put the film in an era where it can live in symbiosis with digital imaging technologies,’ the company told photographers in an emailed newsletter on 24 July.

‘After more than one year of work, we are finally trying to start again with a small production of film.

‘But rescaling a production workflow is not an easy process: some chemical products are not available on the market anymore; and former Ferrania workers and engineers must be involved again in a completely new production workflow…’