[Photo credit: © Marek Hosek]

A beautiful backlit-image of a deer at sunrise (below) has won a runner-up place for London-based landscape photographer in the Velux Lovers of Light 2015 Instagram competition.

However, it was an image by a US-based non-professional photographer that stole the limelight and claimed the overall title (above).

The worldwide competition sought photos that ‘creatively captured daylight’.

UK photographer Jacob Riblin, one of two runners-up, captured his photo at Richmond Park in Surrey in a contest that pulled in around 5,000 entries.

Instagram Jacob Riblin

[Photo credit: © Jacob Riblin]

The overall winner was Marek Hosek, whose image of a group of children cooling down on a hot summer’s day in Chicago earned the graphic designer a trip to New York worth £5,000.

Commenting on his shot, Marek, who is from Prague in the Czech Republic but now lives in the US, said: ‘The firemen in my neighbourhood opened up the fire hydrant to give the kids a chance to cool down and I thought the lighting was perfect – the spraying water and silhouette of the kids really captured the essence of the competition for me.

‘I’m not a professional photographer but, like many others, Instagram has given me the opportunity to share some of my favourite shots.’

Instagram @Carina_67, Scandinavia (joint second)

Carina Johansson from Sweden was a joint runner-up [Photo credit: Carina Johansson]

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