Incredible Architecture – Meet the GuruShots winners

June 22, 2021

Advertising Feature

We showcase the top-rated images sent in by GuruShots members on the theme of ‘Incredible Architecture.’ For more inspiring challenges to improve your skills and stay motivated, see here.

Top photographer

Abhishek kehsihbA, India

Top photo 

Koen Victor, Belgium

Guru’s Top Pick

Luis Vargues, Portugal

Jurgen Bauwens, Belgium

Xavier@xavierjouve, Team X, France

Eva Wiedeman, Cape Verde

Gigi Cioffi Spanola, USA

Fateen Younis, UK

Erik Ersson, Sweden

Ańa Ligier, Ireland

hodgepodge_jane, Ireland

Guy Wilson, Israel

Tim Hall, Portugal

Rastislav Kašper, Slovakia

M4RCO, France

Bernard VAN DE VEN, Netherlands

Martin Nadymáček, Czechia

Alex Torres, USA

Rom’ Rabbit, France

Alex Vazh, France

Diane Via, USA

AceVia, USA

Christinesartventures, Singapore

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