Ilford has reintroduced its mail-order process-paid b&w developing and printing service.

Photographers using Ilford Premium Direct ? which first started in 1997 – have a choice of six prepaid options.

The pre-paid envelope can be used simply for processing an existing film. They are also available complete with a b&w film such as Ilford FP4 Plus.

The service also accepts b&w single-use cameras such the Ilford HP5 Plus Single Use Camera.

The standard service delivers 6x4in prints with white borders on Ilford Multigrade RC paper which are returned in ?sturdy? storage boxes in an average of five days, claims Ilford. It costs £11.74 for the standard process-paid 6x4in service (up to 27 exposures).

There is also an option to have images printed in 7x5in format at an extra cost.

For details call Ilford on 01565 650000.