H&Y unveils RevoRing circular polarisers and magnetic ND filters

May 27, 2022

H&Y Filters has launched adjustable-sized circular polarising (CPL) filters and Magnetic Clip-on Fixed ND filters in varying strengths for its RevoRing system.

H&Y’s RevoRing is a step ring filter adapter system that uses an adjustable multi-blade iris that fits onto the front of a lens with a twist of the ring.

It then lets you either screw in filters to its front or, in the case of H&Y’s RevoRing Swift system, it uses a magnetic clip-on systems for square filter holders or matte boxes.

The RevoRing CPL filters come in a choice of three sizes: 46-62mm, 58-77mm and 67-82mm.

The Magnetic Clip-on ND filters come in the same three sizes and in four grades – ND4, 8, 16, and 400 (2, 3, 4 and 8.5 EV stops).

Putting a filter into the middle of an H&Y RevoRing variable filter adapter

Putting a filter into the middle of an H&Y RevoRing variable filter adapter

RevoRing MRC CPL Filter

H&Y’s RevoRing MRC CPL Filter has a ‘unique mechanism’ that can fit in lenses of different thread sizes.

It’s desirable for multiple lens users who need to use many adapter rings or filters of different sizes.

It saves time of screwing in and out a traditional CPL filter and changing it to another lens.

It also saves the space of having to store a series of adapter rings or filters.

Magnetic caps for higher protection

Optional magnetic caps in high-quality aluminium and solid magnets for RevoRing are available as a top-up option for steadfast protection of the glasses in the ring.

The front cap is magnetic, which means photographers and videographers can cover up their ring with a single hand, at the same time, the cap is securely mounted on.

The back cap works the same when you twist the ring to mount it on a lens.

A RevoRing MRC CPL filter in 67-82mm thread

A RevoRing MRC CPL filter in 67-82mm version

Glass and multi-resistant coating

German Schott b270 glass has been used in making the polariser filter.

It includes anti-reflective coatings, which virtually eliminate all flare and reflections from the front and rear surfaces.

This helps visible light to pass through the glass by removing unwanted reflections, giving light transmission (up to 97%) and optimising images for the sharpest possible outcome.

Whether shooting at 16mm or 400mm, the glass and coatings used in the system are said to ‘produce sharp images, even at light reductions of up 10 stops.’

The MRC in the filter name stands for Multi-Resistant Coating.

The accelerated inert-gas ions condense the deposited material as very solid layers, to make the glass dust and moisture resistant.

An H&Y Magnetic Clip-on ND filter

An H&Y Magnetic Clip-on ND filter

H&Y Magnetic Clip-on ND filter

The H&Y Magnetic Clip-on Filter is compatible to RevoRing with VND & CPL, RevoRing with Black Mist Filter, RevoRing with CPL, and other RevoRing variants, as long as there is a non-detachable filter on RevoRing.

For VND and CPL, a clip-on can be used for cross-polarisation solution or extension of the original 1-10 stop ND range.

For CPL, a sole ND8.5 can be used to achieve the ‘dreamy long exposure effect.’

For Black Mist Filter, 2/3/4 stop ND can be used as a range of fixed ND filters as an aid to videography.

One-snap operation

The H&Y Magnetic Clip-on ND filter requires one snap, as the strong magnetic force engages the filter and the RevoRing together, making installation very quick.

The clip-on filter was developed to solve the cross-polarisation problem that can happen on traditional variable ND filters.

Cross-polarisation is a physical phenomenon of all VND filters when paired up with a wide-angle lens. It makes an obvious ‘X-pattern’ darken on the image. The wider the lens is, the earlier the ‘X-pattern’ starts to appear.

To solve this problem, wide-angle lens users can use the H&Y magnetic clip-on ND together with the H&Y RevoRing VND filters to achieve the higher ND stop with no X-pattern.

For instance, to use a 16mm lens with 10-stop ND, users can turn the ND level to 1.5 stop (on the RevoRing VND filter) and use an extra 8.5 stop (Clip-on ND) to achieve a 10-stop long exposure effect.

An H&Y Magnetic ND 8/3 stop clip-on filter

An H&Y Magnetic ND 8/3 stop clip-on filter (foreground)

Pricing & availability

The H&Y RevoRing MRC CPL Filter (58-77mm and 67-82mm versions) has an SRP of £130.

The 46-62mm version has an SRP of £120.

The H&Y ND Magnetic Clip-on Filter for RevoRing (with four grade options: ND4, 8, 16 and 400) has an SRP of £109 in 46-62mm and 58-77mm versions.

The 67-82mm version has an SRP of £129.

H&Y is distributed in the UK and Republic of Ireland by PhotoTEQ.

To find out more go to H&Y Filters.

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