Intro 2020 has announced the new REVO series of photographic filters that has been developed solely for UK and German markets.

The series, developed by Kenko Tokina Co. Ltd.,
will include a UV filter and a circular polariser, each with Hoya’s improved
Super Multi-Coating (IS-HMC) formula. The firm claims this will greatly reduce
reflections and be easy to clean thanks to an overlaying resistant coating.

The filter glass is housed with a low-profile
aluminium filter frame designed to keep the filter parallel to the plane of the
sensor. In its statement, Intro 2020 also said that this makes the filters
compatible with a wide range of super and ultra wideangle lenses.

REVO filters are available in sizes from 37mm to
82m, starting at an SRP of £35 for the 37mm UV filter. The filters are
available from all fine photographer retailers. For more information visit