Hottest names in photography on Survival International fundraising quest

May 13, 2015

[Photo credit: © Nick Cobbing]

The ‘hottest’ new names in photography also feature in the Survival International Benefit Photo Auction, which runs until 25 May.

The auction of contemporary photography, curated by The Little Black Gallery in London, also includes work by Bob Carlos Clarke, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Chris Levine.

Survival InternationalPhoto credit: © Patrick Lichfield

Survival InternationalPhoto credit: © Nadav Kander


Earlier this year, Survival International – which fights for tribal people’s rights – launched its second photography contest, for the chance to have photos featured in the organisation’s 2016 calendar and published on its website.

At the time, Survival International said it was searching for ‘striking photographs of tribal and indigenous people’.

But competition organisers stressed that entrants must make clear when a subject wears traditional dress just for tourists.

In 2014, a photographer defended his book of large-format photos of tribal people after the director of charity Survival International condemned the portraits as a ‘contemporary invention’.

The row centred on UK-born photographer Jimmy Nelson who, in 2010, set out to find the world’s ‘last indigenous cultures’, to document them for future generations in his book Before They Pass Away.

Nelson came under attack from Stephen Corry, director of Survival International, who wrote a review of the book, accusing the photographer of ‘hubristic baloney’ and of documenting people ‘as they looked a generation or two earlier’.

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