‘Highest resolution panorama’, shot using Canon EOS 70D, viewed almost 2 million times

June 4, 2015


A team led by photographer Filippo Blengini used the Canon EOS 70D with a 400mmL f/2.8 IS II USM lens and 2x converter for the project, called in2white.

To create the panorama, Blengini’s team stitched together 7.5 million digital files, captured over 35 hours at a height of 3,500m in temperatures down to -10° C.

The result was a 365-gigapixel image of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain.

in2white-2.web in2white-3.web

Blengini, who works at Mont Blanc, said he first got the idea for the project while talking to his wife Alessandra.

‘… the great idea came to our minds: my biggest passions, technology and photography, together give me the chance to honour this mountain in my personal way, allowing many other people to enjoy it, appreciate it…’ he wrote on the in2white website.

Today, Blengini told Amateur Photographer that the in2white website has received nearly 2m visitors since the image was uploaded on 24 May – reaching a peak of more than 3,000 simultaneous viewers.

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