Godox unveils R200 Ring Flash unit

June 28, 2022

Godox has announced the R200 Ring Flash head attachment, which works with the company’s AD200Pro and AD200 pocket flash/power devices.

The R200 ring flash is a 200Ws strobe that’s a lower power alternative to the all-in-one Godox AR400 (400Ws) ring flash.

It also weighs under half that of the AR400 at 640g, as opposed to the 1.4kg weight of the AR400.

Plug in to power

The AD200Pro and AD200 are pocket flashes that come with a speedlight head, a bare bulb head and battery system, which the R200 ring flash plugs into to get power.

The R200 can provide a different type of light than the AD200 units can provide on their own.

For example, the R200 comes with a specially designed umbrella bracket so you can create more diffuse light.

The R200 is also compatible with a variety of new accessories, including a large reflector dish, honeycomb grids, gels and more.

The Godox website proclaims, ‘You asked for it, and here it is – the R200 ring flash head for AD200Pro/AD200, another light head system to bring you endless creative possibilities. The R200 renders incredible, even illumination while eliminating unpleasant highlights and creating a glamorous glow on your subject that will make the portrait look expensive and impressive, making it an irreplaceable light source for photography.’

The Godox R200 Ring Flash in use with an umbrella

The Godox R200 Ring Flash in use with an umbrella

Technical info

The R200 has a flash lamp CCT rating of 5800K (±200K) and a modelling lamp rating of 4500 (±300K).

The light output promises 1,380 lux at 1.6 feet.

It also puts out 10W of power with three levels: low, medium and high.

The flash ring is 188mm in diameter and Godox claims that, when used with a circular diffuser, it can impart a soft, halo-like quality of light without harsh hotspots.

The R200 can fit around a camera lens or be attached remotely to a light stand or pole.

The R200 comes with a foldable camera bracket to mount to your camera around the lens, an umbrella bracket, an extension cable and a cross-body mini bag.

You can watch an operational tutorial video about the Godox R200 below…

Godox R200 Ring Flash – key specs

  • Flash power: 200Ws
  • Flash CCT: 5800±200K
  • Modelling lamp power: 10W (20 light beads)
  • 100% brightness (lux in o.5 metres): 1300
  • Modelling lamp CCT: 4500±300K
  • Modelling lamp level: low, medium, high
  • Dimensions (excluding power cable): 188x188x60mm
  • Weight: 0.64kg

You can watch a product video about the Godox R200 below…

Pricing & availability

The Godox R200 is available to pre-order now for $279.

Godox has not yet provided information on UK pricing and when it expects to start shipping the flash.

To find out more go to Godox R200.

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