Global photography competition reveals ‘incredible’ portraits

July 2, 2015

Nearly 1,800 images were entered into the portrait photography contest, which was hosted on the Photocrowd website.

Organisers said the ‘incredible portraits show human diversity across the planet’.

104558-a25fe44362546a6304c340e063cf80c5ef7e331a-v2v1440x900.web‘Francesca’ by Helena Mim/

“An environmental portraiture of an elderly woman, my mother, taken in a wild olive field in Greece. The saturated colours of natural green and yellow hues made an excellent contrast with my mother’s red jacket.”


Photo by Zaid Saadallaj/
“This portrait was an experiment on how someone’s belief can affect their appearance. In this case, the person in this photo is a Sunni Muslim, therefore he raised his beard according to Sunni Islam teachings.”


‘Reading Novice’ by Thomas Boehm/
“A reading novice in an old stupa in Bagan, Myanmar. This photo was shot during a self-organised workshop.”


‘Himalayas Girl’ by Ivan Kmit/
“A small girl in the Himalayan mountains. The photo was taken during a trip to the Indian Himalayas alpine village of Nako.”

109655-ef70ea8720c1ba67d0a1c609ddc75e2c5ac5843f-v2v1440x900.web‘Mysterious Eyes’ by MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan/
“A portrait of a girl with mysterious, beautiful eyes taken in my studio in Dhaka, Bangladesh.”

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