High end tripod manufacturer Gitzo is celebrating its 100th year in business by releasing a pair of (very) special edition tripods.

First up is the ‘Arsène Gitzhoven Edition’ – named after founder – which is Gitzo’s first tripod to feature a fully carbon fibre spider so its as light as possible and can be finished with the customer’s signature on one leg. Only 100 of these are being made, available at a slightly eye-watering price of £2,500.

The 100 Year Anniversary Edition, meanwhile, is priced at £1249.95 features a brand-new magnesium spider. It will have a limited run of 1917 units to coincide with the year Gitzo was founded.

According to its press release, both versions include Gitzo’s latest Traveler Series 1 technological features, Carbon eXact tubing, 180° leg folding mechanism, Traveler G-lock mechanism and a Center Ball Head, and an Italian leather strap. They’ll be available from select retailers soon.