Getty pulls Omar Sharif footage after photo row

October 28, 2011

Picture library giant Getty Images has been forced to remove footage that purportedly showed the actor Omar Sharif in a furious row with a journalist who wanted a photo with him.

Yesterday, Getty sent an ?exclusive clip? of the apparent row to media organisations, including Amateur Photographer (AP).

Getty said the Egyptian actor, 79, had ?got annoyed? after a female journalist ?got in his way? at a film festival in Qatar.

Media reports claim he appears to slap the woman.

But in a follow-up email, sent out today, Getty announced it had removed the clip from its website.

In the email, headlined ?Mandatory Footage Kill Notice? Getty?s accounts department announced: ?The clip will not be licensed at this time following a request for it to be withdrawn.?

At the time of writing, Getty had yet to give a reason for pulling the footage.

AP understands that the clip was withdrawn from availability owing to legal issues within Qatar.

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