Getty: Flickr photo fees still not decided

October 31, 2008

Amateur photographers whose Flickr pictures are to be used by commercial picture agency Getty Images still don?t know how much they will get paid.

Getty struck a deal with the image sharing website during the summer, saying it would give chosen enthusiasts a new way to sell their pictures.

Nearly four months on, it is not yet clear whether amateurs will get paid the same as a professional for their images.

A Getty spokeswoman told us that the amount amateurs will get paid will be decided when images are uploaded to the Getty website early next year.

When asked whether the photographer will be given details of their prospective fee, before or after their photos appear on the Getty website, the spokeswoman added: ?Getty Images will work directly with Flickr members who are invited to be part of the Flickr collection on to determine the specifics of each business relationship, and members will have direct connections with representatives at Getty Images.?

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