Are we getting sick of the same old shots?

May 24, 2017

Eiffel Tower © Mikael Buck

The pan global survey (UK, Germany, France, Spain and UAE) analysed thousands of posts to find out how many pictures are taken from the same angle on the world’s most popular photo app, Instagram.

The research revealed that more than half of the Top 30 landmarks are shot from the same three basic angles, while 55% of travellers saying they would plan their itinerary based on photography opportunities. Almost half (47%) of people said they were bored of seeing the same shots again and again, and 52% were more likely to ‘like’ an image of a landmark if it was a fresh composition.

Some landmarks were worse-off than others, for samey shots: Christ the Redeemer in Brazil had 71% of shots are from the same three angles, the Trevi Fountain in Rome came in at 74%, Mount Fuji at 77% and Peru’s Machu Picchu where 85% of all Instagrammed images were taken from the same few spots.

The list of most-Instagrammed locations, topped by the Eiffel Tower, also included popular spots such as Alhambra, the Colosseum, the Burj Khalifa and Big Ben.

In an effort to give people the inspiration to get bit more creative, Sony dispatched some travel photographers of their own, armed with the new Xperia XZ smartphone (which features a 23MP rear camera with triple image sensing technology for blur-free pictures and true-to-life colour).

Big Ben © Mikael Buck

Big Ben © Mikael Buck

Alhambra © Lluís Salvadó

Burj Khalifa © Mikael Buck

Eiffel Tower © Mikael Buck

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