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November 26, 2021

In partnership with Anthropics

The new version of PortraitPro v22 offers more features and speed/interface improvements from V21.

These include Neck Lengthening, Eye-Widening, new tutorials from PortraitPro creators, enhanced lip colour features, improved skin/hair finder technology and more

With the software, you can replace skies in a few clicks, reduce noise, modify shadows and brightness, clone and remove objects, access hundreds of stock images and an array of easy-to-use retouching tools for professional, magazine quality results.

There is already 50% off downloads and you can now get an 20% off using the code APJ22. Order from here.

The code also enables existing users to upgrade from V22 from just £25.45
In addition, the discount code APJP is also valid for LandscapePro 

Press release from Anthropics

Anthropics Technology has announced the launch of PortraitPro 22, image editing software powered by artificial intelligence. New features include: Neck and Shoulder Slimming, Chin Shadows, Body Lighting Controls, Hairline Correction, Neck Wrinkle Removal, new lipstick colors, Lighting Brush improvements, and more.

Key New Features:

Neck and Shoulder Slimming: PortraitPro 22 brings a new way to retouch your subject’s neck and shoulders. Manually slimming these features can be time consuming and tedious, but now users can auto-detect and slim these areas with smart sliders.

Chin Slimming and Shadows: Creating shading in the chin area is something many portrait photographers spend a large amount of time on to provide definition. With PortraitPro 22’s Chin Shadow tool, shading can be automatically created and adjusted to suit the face of the subject, improving the definition and structure of the chin and surrounding areas.

Body Lighting Controls: PortraitPro 22 can produce a myriad of lighting effects on your portraits. New Body Lighting Controls take relighting to the next level with advanced, full-length portrait lighting options. Adjust contrast, light source color, angle, contrast, exposure, intensity, and ambiance in a few simple clicks.

Hairline Correction: PortraitPro 22 can adjust hairlines and forehead size quickly and effectively using intelligent sliders.

Further new features include: Neck Lengthening, Eye-Widening, NEW tutorials from PortraitPro creators, Lip Colour improvements and the ability to select “only conventional” colors, improved skin / hair finder technology, and general UI and speed improvements.


PortraitPro Standard: Standalone software for photographers working with JPG or 24-bit TIFF files.
PortraitPro Studio: For photographers who work directly with RAW files or want the higher quality of 48-bit color files, supports conversion between different color spaces, and provides JPEG/TIFF embedded color profile support. Offers Batch dialog.
PortraitPro Studio Max: For professional photographers or those working with lots of images. Full Batch mode to speed workflow greatly.
Compare the different editions at

System Requirements:

Windows 11, Windows 10, or MacOS (10.14 or later).

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