General Election: Official photographer appeals for help

April 6, 2010

Official election photographer Simon Roberts has today called on the public to help him in his quest to create the first mass political photography project of its kind.

Simon, who has been appointed by Parliament as the nation?s official Election Artist, is on a mission to document campaign activity ahead of the General Election.

Today Simon urged the general public to play its part in the project in the run up to the Election on 6 May

?Alongside my own photos I?m calling for members of the public to contribute their own photographs of political activity in their area.

?The submitted photographs will be displayed on The Election Project online gallery and some will be exhibited in the House of Commons later in the year.?

He added: ?The General Election is, by definition, a democratic process. Your contributions will add a vital collaborative and democratic dimension to the project.?

Images can be emailed, sent by text message or uploaded directly to the project website at

Using a hand-made Ebony 45s (4x5in) camera, Simon is set to explore the relationship between politicians and the voting public.

However, last month the photographer expressed concern that he may become an innocent victim of UK anti-terrorism laws when out taking photos in public.

Picture credit: Charlie Crane


Photographer’s terrorism stop fears

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