Fujifilm tight-lipped on future equipment price rises

May 16, 2022

Fujifilm UK has told Amateur Photographer that, with regards to its photographic equipment, it is ‘unable to give any further information about future prices changing’, but has cited a number of factors that will most likely affect pricing of its products.

In an official Fujifilm UK statement to AP, we were told the following:

‘It has been well documented that there have been issues facing the entire consumer electronics industry since the pandemic began in 2020. The cost of raw materials increasing, availability of parts due to manufacturing constraints caused by factories being locked down, increases in fuel costs resulting in higher logistics are just some of the challenges everyone has faced in the past two years. Any changes in prices are always communicated to the network of authorised Fujifilm retailers first. It is worth reminding people that UK law allows retailers to set whatever price they wish. Unfortunately we are unable to give any further information at this time about future prices changing.’

The X-T4 is Fujifilm's most movie-centric camera, with a wide array of video features

It’s unclear if any of Fujifilm’s cameras, such as the X-T4, will be subject to any price increases in the near future

The reluctance of Fujifilm to reveal which products might be subject to price rises, or to commit to future changes in prices, is not too surprising, given the volatile nature of the economies around the world.

However, Fujifilm Japan previously confirmed up to 60% price hike on its films, which came into force from 1 April 2022.

That suggested 60% price hike now seems more likely to be applicable in Asian markets with reports from PetaPixel stating that Fujifilm USA is saying film prices in the US will rise by ‘only’ 25%.

The new Panasonic LUMIX GH6 MFT mirrorless camera

The Panasonic LUMIX GH6 MFT mirrorless camera will not be rising in price

Panasonic’s price freeze

Thus far the only major camera or lens maker to reveal to Amateur Photographer that there would be no price rises on its cameras or lenses is Panasonic.

A Panasonic Europe spokesperson told us, ‘We are pleased to say all cameras across our G Series Micro Four Thirds and S Series Full Frame ranges will not be increasing in price. There are no price rises for lenses either.’

Those imaging equipment companies who have revealed that some price rises are inevitable include Leica, who admitted to product price rises.

Nikon has increased some imaging product prices… but not on the Z 9 camera whilst OM Digital Solutions (previously Olympus) admitted it was increasing prices on selected lenses, but not camera bodies.

The OM System Olympus OM-1 camera will not be rising in price in the immediate future

The OM System Olympus OM-1 camera will not be rising in price in the immediate future

Zeiss has told AP that, ‘We always try to keep any price increases to a minimum. It has been challenging lately with extra Brexit costs, increase in commodity costs, and now inflation. Where we can we try to offset the extra costs, but this is not always possible.’

Sigma Imaging UK’s Tim Berry told us, ‘We don’t comment on possible future price movements, mainly for commercial reasons. But I can say that our head office in Japan is constantly reviewing pricing to keep Sigma products as competitive as possible.’

Difficulties getting key components

Major factors driving photo equipment costs up include the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors, rising inflation, difficulties with procuring key component product parts, the ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic, the impact of Brexit on the UK and hugely inflated freight/shipping costs around the world.

AP has also reached to all of the other major photo equipment makers – including Canon and Sony – and we will bring you news of any price increases, or freezes, on photographic equipment as soon as we have it.

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