Fujifilm posts £6m imaging loss amid smartphone wars

July 31, 2013

Fuji’s high-end X-series models have proved popular

Sales of Fuji’s high-end X100S and X20 were ‘strong’, but the firm said consolidated revenue fell against ‘the backdrop of a decrease in overall demand for compact digital cameras, reflecting the spread of smartphones’.

In financial results released yesterday, the company added: ‘Measures are being undertaken to swiftly shift to high-end models…

‘Fujifilm is working to expand and strengthen the product line-up in the X-series of premium cameras that leverage Fujifilm’s exclusive technologies and, XF lens series, interchangeable lens systems, whose market is expected to be growing.’

Despite what it describes as a ‘severe business environment for digital cameras’, brought about by falling demand for compacts, Fujifilm reported a 9.7% overall increase in consolidated revenue compared to the same period the previous year.

The Fujifilm group made an overall profit of 14.9 billion yen.

Sales revenue at Fuji’s Imaging Solutions division, which includes products such as chemicals and photofinishing equipment, as well as digital cameras, rose 0.9%.

Last week, the company axed four more films, blaming a drop in demand.