To coincide with the release of their first ever medium format digital camera, the GFX 50S, Fujifilm have unveiled plans to launch a European Professional Service Scheme aimed at professional photographers sporting Fuji products.

Opening in popular photographic markets such as the UK and Germany initially, Fuji says the plan is to expand the service during 2017 to all the major markets in Europe, including Turkey and Russia. When servicing their products, Fuji will offer a guaranteed maximum turnaround time of 15 days for X-series cameras and lenses, and just 10 days for GFX bodies and lenses.

If the target turnaround time can’t be met for whatever reason (for example, if there are not the right spare parts available at the time), they’re promising the customer a free loan until the repaired camera is returned. Plus, consumers will be entitled to a free health-check and sensor clean for up to 2 products in any one year, a 15% discount on any repairs for out-of-warranty goods and a dedicated telephone support line.

The service is expected to cost £260 per year, though Fuji will be offering it to select users for free for the first two years. To qualify, one must be a working pro photographer, have a GFX system, or own at least two pro camera bodies and three XF lenses.

For photographers working in other territories, Fujifilm will reportedly be in communication with other repair centres around the globe to ensure their photographers have access to a similar level of service, even when outside of Europe.

The Fujifilm Professional Service will be rolling out alongside the GFX 50S medium format camera, available from early March 2017.