A senior figure at Fujifilm Europe has questioned whether there is any need to push up sensor size to full frame.

Speaking to AP, Adrian Clarke, senior vice president at Fujifilm Europe (pictured) said the firm’s new X-Trans sensor (see above) is ‘performing not far off full-frame’.

Though Clarke said he has no knowledge of what future sensors Fuji’s engineers in Japan may be working on, he added that he hopes these will outperform full-frame.

In September 2012, Fujifilm technicians said they were seriously investigating the possible launch of a full-frame compact system camera (CSC) and were focusing on the sensor and processor that would be required.

However, Japanese bosses also indicated that, if Fuji did introduce a full-frame sensor, it would require a remake of the lens mount.

‘You’ve got to say, what’s the point of full frame when you’ve got an APS-C [sensor] outperforming full-frame,’ Clarke told AP.

‘The question is: who needs a full-frame sensor when these sensors are getting better and better.’


Adrian Clarke, senior vice president at Fujifilm Europe