The retro-style camera, which received its UK launch this afternoon, includes a Bulb mode for night scenes and light trail shots, for example, plus a double-exposure option and macro feature.

The Mini 90 – which produces credit card-sized prints – costs £139.99, including 20 sheets of instant film.

Fujifilm UK’s photo imaging director David Honey said that, in an age of smartphones and Instagram, Fuji still has its feet firmly planted in both the traditional and digital imaging camps.

The flash-equipped model borrows its design, in part, from Fuji’s X-range of digital cameras.

Honey said Fuji wants Instax to be enjoyed by a ‘wider variety of photographers’, not just by the teenage, female market, for example.

Speaking at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in central London, where the Mini 90 received its official UK debut, Honey added: ‘A lot of people who grew up with digital imaging don’t know what traditional photography is.’

Fujifilm UK product manager Gabriel Da Costa described the camera as the ‘grown-up brother’ of the Instax range, adding: ‘Instant print cameras are the perfect antidote to the disposable digital age and the format illustrates the renaissance that film photography is enjoying at the moment.’

The firm has reported brisk trade for both its Instax and single-use cameras over recent weeks.

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