Kenro has announced a trio of Saramonic external microphones aimed at filmmakers who are seeking to increase their options beyond in-camera audio, plus a new XLR shotgun microphone kit for more advanced users who want to achieve broadcast quality sound.

With the video capabilities of DSLRs and CSCs improving drastically over the last few years, more stills photographers experimenting with filmmaking but often find themselves hampered by the lack of audio quality when using their on-board microphones – and this seems to be the gap in the market that Saramonic is trying to fill with the relatively affordable PMIC range.

PMIC1 condenser mic

Shotgun-style mics like the PMIC1 are easy to use, and can instantly boost audio quality when shooting video

First up is the Saramonic Super Cardioid Unidirectional Condenser Microphone PMIC1 – a lightweight shotgun-style mic that can sit comfortably in a cold shoe mount. To help to cut down on rumble and low frequency noise, was well as boosting the intelligibility of dialogue, the PMIC1 features a low cut filter (100 Hz). No battery is required and the PMIC1 microphone will connect directly to the camera via the 3.5mm cable included in the box. The PMIC1 also comes with a foam windscreen and is priced at £62.34.

Stereo and surround-sound options

Two additional options, the PMIC2 and PMIC3, come with all the benefits of the PMIC1 but offer an alternative 75Hz low cut filter to deal with still lower frequencies. The PMIC2 (£87.54) brings stereo to the mix, while the PMIC3 (£124.74) is a surround condenser microphone that adds engaging ambience to a recording – and also function via the use of the 3.5mm jack.

High-end audio

Compatible Saramonic audio adapters with XLR inputs include the MixMic, SRPAX2, SRAX107, SmartRig+, SRAX104 and BMCCA01

Completing the fresh line up of microphones from Saramonic is the SRAXM3 kit, which comprises two XLR shotgun-style cardioid microphones with foam windshields. These broadcast-quality mics can be plugged directly into any Saramonic audio adapter with XLR inputs. According to Kenro, the kit is sturdy and lightweight and feature an all-metal design to ensure they are up to the demands of the high-end, pro-minded user. The SRAXM3 kit’s RRP is £250.74.

For more details and where to buy, head to Kenro’s website.