French photographer wins 2014 Tim Hetherington Grant

December 11, 2014

Photo credit: William Daniels

The photographer, who works for London agency Panos Pictures, was chosen for his work on the Central African Republic – a project called ‘Roots of Africa’s Unholy War’.

‘When I see William Daniel’s work I see a true master photographer,’ said jury member Christopher Morris.

‘Hopefully, this grant will give Daniels the opportunity to carry out a project that needs to be shown.

‘Tim [Hetherington] would be proud of this project. It is shot in a way the human eye sees.

‘It is very straightforward and clear photography – of a story that is crying out for this kind of vision.’

William Daniels Paris France 2012

William Daniels [photo credit: Paolo Pellegrin]

Daniels made five trips to the Central African Republic in a bid to show the under-reported side of the troubles there, according to World Press Photo in a statement released today.

‘He wishes to be able to switch perspectives to document the unseen side of the conflict, and to provide an understanding of the country through compassionate imagery.

‘His plan is to present his work in the press, in a New York street exhibition, and in a book.’

The Tim Hetherington Grant was set up by World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch, with the backing of Tim’s parents Alastair and Judith Hetherington.

Daniel’s work has appeared in publications including National Geographic, Newsweek and The New York Times.

Judging for the Tim Hetherington Grant took place yesterday, on Human Rights Day.

02_WilliamDaniels.web Photo credit: William Daniels

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