David Garratt and Yosuke Aoki shaking hands at new Sony Imaging Pro Support Centre

Sony takes another big step towards solidfying its offering for pro photographers by launching its first ever UK Sony Imaging Pro Support Centre. The new service will operate out of Fixation, the leading pro camera repair facility in the UK, launching officially on September 1, 2017.

Speaking at the launch, Yosuke Aoki, Vice President and Head of Digital Imaging Group in Sony Europe, said: “A lot of thought and planning went into choosing this location. But when we were making our considerations Fixation was the clear choice; they have a very established reputation in the UK market, that’s why people trust Wex, Fixation. For Sony, the service is ideal, the quality is there. Also, they are in central London, which is a very important place for photography. This is most convenient for many professionals.”

Strategically, placing the Sony Imaging Support Centre in one of the most reputable locations for professional photographers in the world will undoubtedly go some way to introducing and eventually enticing pros to switch to the brand’s mirrorless system. It’s no coincidence that this news comes off the back of the Sony Alpha a9 launch either, with that camera squarely and deliberately targeted at pro sports and news shooters – the very people who form the majority of Fixation’s customer base.

“We want to take the stress out of camera repairs for the professionals and having a touch point in London is very important for us,” Aoki-san added.

David Garratt speaks at Sony Imaging Pro Support Centre launch

David Garratt explains size of Wex business that is attributed to CSC cameras at the Sony Imaging Pro Support Centre launch

A large part of this move, as Wex Group CEO David Garratt explained at the launch, is to “help build confidence” in the Sony Alpha brand among professionals.

Fixation’s highly experienced team of technical support staff are currently receiving training from Sony engineers and the company will also be shipping specialist proprietary testing equipment directly from Japan to ensure that repairs are conducted to factory-grade standard.

The centre will provide enhanced services in line with the Sony Pro Support Programme, further signalling the firm’s commitment to the growing pool of professional photographers buying into Sony systems. In addition to the dedicated telephone help desk offered as part of the PRO Support service, members now have the chance to receive personal advice and support regarding their α camera equipment in the new walk-in centre. You can learn more about Fixation’s offering here.

Once fully operational, Fixation’s Sony Imaging Support Centre will offer professional members rapid turnaround diagnosis, replacement loan gear at special rates, two free sensor cleans per year and firmware checkups.