[Photo credit: Andy Westlake]

The as yet unnamed camera houses an APS-H imaging sensor in a modified Canon EOS 5DS body. It only shoots raw at ISO 100 and images currently take around 20secs to process because it uses the same processor.

Unveiling the camera last month, Canon said in a statement: ‘Featuring a resolution of approximately 120 effective megapixels, the SLR camera now being developed will incorporate a Canon-developed high-pixel-density CMOS sensor within the current EOS-series platform, which will realise compatibility with the Company’s diverse interchangeable EF lens line-up.

‘The high-resolution images that the camera will be capable of producing will recreate the three-dimensional texture, feel and presence of subjects, making them appear as if they are really before one’s eyes.

‘The camera will facilitate a level of resolution that is more than sufficient for enlarged poster-sized printouts while also enabling images to be cropped and trimmed without sacrificing image resolution and clarity.

The Canon prototype is being showcased at Canon Expo in Paris, France.