Film is ?far from dead?, according to one of the UK?s most respected landscape photographers, Charlie Waite.

Speaking at an event showcasing the work of students who took part in one of the photographer?s recent Light and Land tours Waite (pictured) said: ?This exhibition demonstrates very clearly that this medium is far from dead in 2006. The Brits are still there at the top of the tree with this kind of work.?

The Fujifilm-sponsored show was made up of pictures that were all shot on film and took place at Calumet?s Drummond Street store in London.

Calumet?s head of marketing Chris West said: ?The quality of work now being produced by some enthusiasts is quite stunning.? He added: ?We are so pleased with the quality that we have decided to showcase all the images in the US later this year.?

Picture credit: Chris Hurdle