Hundreds of film cameras on mission to cure camera-phone-obsessed planet

April 21, 2015

Joren Dawson, who is based in California in the USA, says he wants to build a snapshot of how strangers view the world, through an exposure captured using a film camera.

He hopes the project will serve as an antidote to a world awash with short-lived camera-phone images.

Dawson, who travels the world in his job as a circus performer, is seeking $5,400 to fund his idea via crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

Writing on the Kickstarter project page, Dawson said: ‘In a world oversaturated with fleeting photos on phones, I think this is a unique opportunity to slow down, step back into analogue, and finally share something tangible…

‘The world will see the photos on the [project] website as each camera is returned.

‘It will be beautiful to follow the journey each camera takes through the chronological display of the developed photos.’

He added: ‘The intriguing people I cross paths with on my travels have inspired me to delve into this project about people, their places and the wild things they do.’

At the time of writing, Dawson had nearly $4,000 from 71 backers.

For details, visit the Kickstarter page for the Camera Sharing Project.

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