Fears over ‘digital’ wedding photos

November 9, 2006

The growth in digital imaging has sparked fresh fears about the accidental loss of precious wedding pictures as more photographers move away from film, a new survey reveals.

?In an increasingly digital age people are relying more and more on storing images on a computer or a laptop,? warns Ontrack Data Recovery which advises couples to make an immediate back-up copy of wedding pictures once they are transferred from the camera.

?As digital cameras move to displace traditional film cameras, the nature and value of photographs taken at weddings have become increasingly precious,? adds the company.

The survey ? which polled 100 brides in September 2006 – found that only a third of them made prints of the best images from the big day and that 63% of brides? worst fear is losing their wedding pictures.

?Wedding snaps are considered priceless by 84% of brides and ? with a high percentage of them in digital form ? the risk of accidentally deleting, damaging or losing the carefully captured memories is a new challenge that couples must guard against,? concludes the findings.

Ontrack Data Recovery recommends couples also check the ?quality? of copied images and make sure they store them in a separate location from the originals.

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