Job losses at Jessops, Britain’s biggest photographic retailer, could reach 180, Amateur Photographer has learned.

The closure of 17 stores by the end of this month will result in the loss of 130 staff. These include part-time jobs.

In addition, 50 jobs are expected to be cut at the store’s head office in Leicester following a month-long consultation process, according to chairman David Adams.

Jessops says it will redeploy staff elsewhere wherever possible.

Adams stressed that the cutbacks were needed to maintain Jessops as a viable business and satisfy its bankers.

He told us that Jessops will not be embarking on a programme of ‘death by a thousand cuts’, where it closes more stores until it ends up with nothing.

‘We wouldn’t be doing this if there wasn’t a good business model to go for,’ he said, adding that if Jessops halved its store total, for example, it would no longer be of importance to ‘key suppliers’.

The closures will leave the chain with 210 shops.


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