DxO adds Wi-Fi to DxO One camera to widen appeal

August 31, 2016

Currently, the DxO One, which is only compatible with the iPhone, can connect to the phone via its Lightning connector. This allows the iPhone’s screen to be used to control the camera and view images.

DxO hopes remote shooting via Wi-Fi will widen the appeal of the 20.2-million-pixel device launched last year and targeted at serious photographers.

The addition of Wi-Fi connectivity raises the possibility that the camera may one day allow 
control from Android smartphones, as it is no longer constrained by a physical connection.

Billed as a ‘pro-quality camera, miniaturised’, 
the revamped One will cost £399 and is due 
out in the second half 
of September.

The Wi-Fi modification will be available to current owners free of charge by downloading the 2.0 software update via the iTunes store.

The update also introduces Mobile Smart Lighting to enhance dynamic range, and improves battery life.

A new white balance feature compensates for the blue cast on images shot underwater.

This is the fourth and most significant update to the DxO One, which Jérôme Ménière, DxO founder and CEO, describes as ‘the camera that gets better after 
you bought it.’

A new camera stand accessory and ‘waterproof’ case 
may also attract users 
seeking remote control, including underwater photographers.

The Outdoor Shell, priced £49.99 and available in seven colours, can be equipped with a choice of two ‘waterproof’ back doors.

One is splashproof while the other designed to withstand depths of 45m and suitable for scuba diving, for example. The user can access shooting modes when the case is attached. They can also interact with the camera’s OLED display via the back door window using a ‘firm swipe’, explained DxO.

DXO 506-black copy.web DXO 527-white copy.web

The shell also contains a 30.5mm thread for optical add-ons such as filters, and a tripod mount.

The new stand also features a thread for tripod attachment, while a new optical adapter allows filters and macro lenses to be attached to the DxO One. Both accessories cost £19.99.


DxO has also unveiled a zipped pouch, due to carry a £15.99 pricetag.

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