Twice as many digital SLRs will have been sold in the UK this year than in 2004, according to estimated figures released to AP by the Photo Marketing Association.

Around 220,000 of the estimated 6m digital cameras sold in the UK in 2005 will be digital SLRs, compared to 110,000 out of a total of 5.5m digital cameras sold last year.

At the time of writing total sales of digital cameras in 2005 were predicted to hit the £1billion mark.

In 2004, sales of digital cameras were valued at £850m, compared to £620m in 2003.

Meanwhile, the average price for a DSLR fell by £130 to £700 in 2005, from £830 the year before, according to the stats. Further price reductions were expected to fuel sales over the Christmas.

Digital cameras in the 4-5.9-million-pixel category experienced the biggest rise in sales – accounting for almost half the number of digital cameras sold in 2005. In total these are forecast to be worth around £500m in sales value.

Sales of digital cameras with a resolution of more than 6MP trebled and are expected to rake in around £300m by the end of the year.