Design studio creates incredible image of food cut into perfect cubes

May 14, 2015


Image by Lenert and Sander

It may look like a graphic design project or CGI experiment, but this is a real set up shot of 98 different items of food cut into perfect 2.5cm cubes.

Design studio Lenert and Sander were commissioned to create a piece about food by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant for a special edition, and came back with this shot of unprocessed cubed foods laid out on a grid.

You can see below some closer crops of the high resolution image, the full version of which is available to view here.


Lenert and Sander


Lenert and Sander

Prints and posters of the shot are available from the Lenert and Sander website.

The image will be purchaseable as a 40 x 50cm fine art print of inkjet baryta paper, sugned by the artists and with a certtificate of authenticity, available for €500.

The studio also said that, due to the image’s popularity on the internet, a 42 x 52cm poster version will be made available, at a price of €125.

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