The brainchild of Kincaid Stringer, a keen photographer and a cast member of the famed Irish dance show Riverdance, the pocket-sized device, called LimeLight, can be charged using a micro-USB connector.

On Kickstarter, Stringer points to the poor quality of images caused by the positioning of the flash on camera phones.

He adds: ‘While on tour with Riverdance in Shanghai, we all went out for our production manager’s birthday and experienced this very phenomenon.

‘One of my best friends, Callum Spencer, who has a knack for photography, had a flashlight in his bag and used it to create a downward cast light to illuminate the photo. Eureka!

‘This seemingly subtle difference made a drastic improvement and transformed our photos. This gave me the idea to build a detached light source that was light, sleek and small enough that anyone could carry it in their pocket or bag.

‘So, I found myself an engineer, Oliver Kershaw-Dickson, and built a prototype.’

Stringer is hoping to raise $25,000 to put the 25g LimeLight into production.

Backers who pledge $25 are promised one of the LimeLight devices at the time of its planned launch next month.

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