As well as ton of interviews with the big makers and opportunities to get hands on with some of the hottest new cameras, we got the chance to ogle over Nikon's monster Nikkor Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct

Although no release date or pricing was forthcoming, a highlight of the Nikon stand was its prominent display of this new f/0.95 lens, which pushes the limits of what is possible with the Z mount (taking full advantage of the  large 55mm inner diameter and short 16mm flange focal distance). It is expected to be a manual focus lens, with a small display on the side providing information about aperture and other key settings.

The lens also has a high-precision focus ring and a customisable control ring, along with two anti-reflection coatings, an ARNEO Coat and a Nano Crystal Coat, which reduce ghosting and flare. As you’d expect from such a large lens, it’s pretty bulky, and is rumoured to cost around $6000 when the release date is finally confirmed.