A competition entry by Jason Dodd

The question that encapsulates the competition is: ‘What makes Britain tick?’ Answer it as best you can with an Instagram shot, and you could find yourself winning a cash prize of £1,000, £2,000 or the grand prize of £3,000.

In its announcement, the company said: ‘What is it you love, laugh or despair about?  What pictures have you taken that sum up the British personality, our eccentricities, quirks, traditions and our sense of humour?  Our beautiful countryside, historic market towns and iconic cities?  The people who live in Britain today? Our obsession with sport?  What we do at bank holidays? Basically anything and everything that depicts how you as the photographer see what ‘makes Britain tick’. Photos including watches are welcome but are not essential.’

A competition entry by Michael Briggs

A competition entry by Michael Briggs

Though there will be only three ultimate winners, Christopher Ward will be sharing its favourite entries daily on its Instagram page: @chriswardlondon.

To enter, follow these three steps:

1. Follow @chriswardlondon on Instagram

2. Take a photo of what ‘makes Britain tick’

3. Upload your photo to Instagram and tag it with @chriswardlondon and #makesBRITAINtick

A competition entry by Kelly Louise Fraser

A competition entry by Kelly Louise Fraser

The competition runs until 31 May, and winners will be announced on 30 June.