Canon launches search for the ultimate summer storyteller

May 18, 2017

Canon has launched a contest for a one storyteller to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip around the globe, tasked with identifying and living 365 inspiring stories as they chase summer through the timezones.

According to Canon, the contest is in response to an age in which millions of images are uploaded to social media every – and the art of visual storytelling is being lost in the torrent of ‘selfies, cats and avocado brunches’.

The competition is open to all – anyone that thinks they have what it takes to inspire people to find their own stories can apply by sharing their most memorable summer story on Instagram with the story behind it in no more than 50 words, tagging @CanonUK and #LiveForTheStory. Submissions will be evaluated on a number of elements including storytelling ability, visual appeal, originality and inspirational qualities, with actress, producer, musician and storyteller Zoë Kravitz helming the judging process. Entries to the contest must be in by 28 June 2017.

Writing about the competition, Kravitz said: “Summer is a time of spontaneity and living in the moment.  We want to encourage people to live every second to the fullest, because it’s then that the best stories can happen.”

“Canon’s storyteller will be tasked with identifying 365 new summer stories throughout the year, bringing back the art of storytelling and inspiring people to make the most of every moment in their life. The journey they choose is for them to decide, it will be their story to create and inspire.”

More information on the competition can be found at

Live for the story

The competition is being launched as part of a large-scale rebrand for Canon, which is designed to capture the attention of the younger market demographics.

Launched across 19 European markets, the ‘Live for the story’ campaign also aims to bring closer together the various consumer electronics products Canon provides into a more unified approach to their marketing.

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