The EOS 5D warning dates from 2009, when Canon cautioned that the main mirror of the camera may become detached on some units, and images not viewable through the viewfinder.

Canon’s advisory notice on the 5D explained: ‘We have discovered that, in rare instances, the main mirror of some EOS 5D Digital SLR cameras may detach due to deterioration in the strength of the adhesive.’

The warning only resurfaced in recent online reports because Canon revised the existing advice to ‘let people know the servicing period for this issue is due to come to an end’, according to Canon UK.

Free repairs on the 5D end on 30 September 2015, the date that after-sales service for the camera expires.

Canon EOS 5D
Meanwhile, at the end of last week Canon issued a statement to ‘proactively inform’ 750D and 760D customers of ‘white spotting on an optical layer in front of the image sensor’, in some cameras.

An 8 May statement added: ‘Under certain shooting conditions, the white spots… may result in dark circular patterns on the captured image.’

Canon urges customers to check the serial number of their camera, and has pledged to inspect and repair any affected units free of charge.

Canon UK told Amateur Photographer yesterday: ‘We can confirm we have identified an issue with some of our EOS 750D and EOS 760D cameras in the form of white spotting on an optical layer in front of the image sensor.

‘Under certain shooting conditions, this may affect final image quality.

‘A counter measure has been implemented in the manufacturing process, to ensure future production units will not be affected.

‘Any customers who may be affected are advised to visit Canon’s customer support site, where further instructions regarding the repair procedure are provided.

‘We are offering customers a free inspection and repair of their camera if it is affected.

‘We offer sincere apologies to any customers who may have been inconvenienced.’

Canon EOS 760D