Canon celebrates 14th consecutive year of No. 1 share of global market

March 30, 2017

The current Canon lineup

Canon’s mission to deliver ‘speed, comfort and high image quality, the core concept of the EOS series’, is evident as they continually strive to develop and improve their CMOS image sensors, image processors and interchangeable lenses each year. Canon’s success can be seen in its current lineup of EOS cameras, from their entry-level models to the high-end professional bodies.

Having recently celebrated the 30th Anniversary of its EOS lineup, we can see just how far Canon has come in terms of developing sought after technologies and camera aesthetics. With the release of the first film EOS 650 SLR back in 1987, Canon then made a huge breakthrough with its first digital SLR in 2003 with the EOS Kiss Digital (EOS Digital Rebel or 300D depending on the region). This competitively priced DSLR saw Canon capture the top share of the global market and set the stage for growth in the digital SLR market. Since then, Canon has continued to launch a number of highly successful EOS models, including the professional-model EOS-1D series and the EOS 5D series which paved the way for digital SLR video recording.

EOS 650, Canon’s first EOS SLR

Only recently in 2016, we saw Canon introduce a number of new models, all of which helped to support the company’s achievement of a 14th consecutive year at the top of the global market. We saw the EOS 80D released in March for advanced-amateur users, which features excellent still image quality and superb operability when shooting video. This was shortly followed by the company’s flagship model, the EOS-1D X Mark II, with its impressive 14 frame-per-second continuous shooting. Later on in the year in September came the highly anticipated 5D Mark IV, capable of 4K video. Additionally, the Company’s interchangeable-lens camera line-up was further expanded with the introduction of the high-end EOS M5 compact-system camera in November.

We’ve no doubt that Canon will continue to respond to the needs of its customers. In April 2017 Canon will be launching three more cameras: the EOS M6 CSC and the EOS 77D and 800D digital SLR cameras.

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