SLR camera production jumped 27.7% in Japan during the first eight months of 2008 compared to the year before.

Almost 6m interchangeable lens SLRs left Japanese factories from January-August 2008, representing a 32.6% rise in value terms.

Shipments to Europe shot up by 22.5%, while the number of SLRs bound for Asia grew 43.5%, according to figures released by Japan?s Camera & Imaging Products Association.

Compact camera shipments saw a similar rise, increasing by 26.7% globally.

The number of compacts shipped to Europe grew 22%, while 34.1% more units were sent to Asia than in 2007.

Total compact camera production increased 23.2% in volume but, in revenue terms, this only marked a 12.9% rise.

Meanwhile, the average price of a digital compact camera in Japan fell 9.1% in the year to August, according to figures reported by Japanese trade publication PEN News Weekly.

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